Sally is so upset over Neil Gorsuch having a hearing that she used a bunch of CAPS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!

Those big mean Republicans! How dare they do what Democrats have done for decades!

Yeah that’s right Sally, you have people like Chuck Schumer and especially Joe Biden to thank for Neil Gorsuch.

Heck, we should send them both cookies.

Oops. Remember that? Let us refresh your memory:

Biden says, “It is my view, if a Supreme Court Justice resigns, President Bush should follow his predecessors and not name a nominee until after the November election is complete. The Senate too … should seriously consider NOT scheduling confirmation hearings on the nomination until AFTER the political campaign season is over.”

So really the Republicans just did what Biden said they should.

Oh look, Chucky said they should block all of Bush’s picks back in 2007.


Aww, remember when Obama said that? Good times.


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