Perez is getting super desperate if he’s falling back on Plan B.

Or should we call it Plan FBI?

Hrm, we kinda sorta remember a presidential candidate in an ugly pantsuit who had a YUGE cloud of an FBI investigation hanging over her head.

We also remember it didn’t work out so well for her.

Perez and others like him have gone from “BUT BOOOOOSH” to “BUT RUUUUUUUUSSIA.”

Ultimately what Perez has figured out (like many other Americans) is that Gorsuch is going to get confirmed and no amount of complaining from Democrats is going to stop him.

Honestly he is well-rounded, articulate and knows the law like the back of his hand.

And the only reason Democrats wouldn’t confirm him is political. Perez knows this, Gorsuch knows this … we all know this.

It really is crazy, right?


Wake us when Gorsuch has been confirmed.


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