Nothing says tolerance on the Left like watching them compare Evangelicals to the Taliban. Because clearly worshipping God is as bad as beheading infidels.


American Taliban. Can you believe someone actually wrote this crap?

Wait, it’s the Left … never mind.

How we FOUND this tweet is really the most interesting part of the whole story; it was on Norm Macdonald’s timeline and he was shaming this woman for the comparison.

Churlish. Okay full disclosure, we had to look this word up and it’s really just a cool way to say rude.

Yeah Pat, don’t be so CHURLISH.

So using that.

Uh oh, seems David here doesn’t think Norm should have his own ideas.

He even called Norm’s reaction a ‘schtick.”

How typical.

OOF, and there’s Norm with the takedown.

While we’re not entirely sure of Macdonald’s political persuasion, he certainly has been speaking out in favor of many things on the right, which is a welcome change from the traditional hate and spite we see from Hollywood.

Let’s hope not.

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