Clearly Cecile Richards has a lot to worry about these days, what with the likely confirmation of Neil Gorsuch plus a GOP majority.

This pleases us.

On that note, she is trying desperately to prove Planned Parenthood is needed … she even used some fancy, dramatic numbers.

Ok, 105 counties don’t have any other full service birth control clinics, which likely means there is no clinic there to provide abortions.

Shucky darn.

Oh and just FYI we looked up the number of counties in this country, and there are THOUSANDS of them. 105 counties is roughly just 3% … seriously.

But they don’t offer real care like mammograms; in fact we challenge anyone to try and be seen at a Planned Parenthood clinic for a COLD.

Sad trombone Cecile, the numbers and FACTS don’t lie.

Bye bye bye.