Today President Trump congratulated Eric and Lara Trump on their announcement of a baby boy coming in September.

The nerve!

Only the Left could find a way to hate on a birth announcement.

Seriously, why would something like this make anyone angry enough to attack them verbally on Twitter?

Wait, that’s a rhetorical question because we are talking about the Left here … everything makes them shouty and mad.


And oh look, a blue checkmark. The people Twitter chooses to verify is so very telling …

A person using the word “mom” in their handle attacking a mom-to-be and her expected baby boy, talk about classy.

Gosh, that’s so edgy and clever.

Oh wait, nope, it’s not.

Good luck with that, chief.

Does anyone really take these folks seriously?

Notice only a few of them actually attack the president, they’re busy attacking an innocent baby who hasn’t even been born yet.


Like how they pretend anyone forces them to read about these things on Twitter.

Get a grip folks.