We’re pretty sure Cecile Richards has the market cornered on disturbing.

Just sayin’.

“Probe his disturbing history on women’s issues” …


Let’s think about what she is really saying here. First of all, she is talking about abortion, not actual rights. Yeah, they love to pretend this is about something else but ultimately abortion is Cecile’s bread and butter. Second, Gorsuch has a history of following the Constitution LITERALLY, which means LIFE is life and a right …

Leave it to Cecile to find life disturbing.

Interesting when someone who advocates abortion as contraception tries to wax poetic about moral authority, right?

Especially a judge who has been known as a literalist when it comes to the Constitution; Cecile knows he won’t buy the “it’s not life until this week” BS that keeps them in business.



Of course she would because clearly she finds the idea of life disturbing.