As Twitchy reported (and mocked endlessly), Hillary has decided it’s time to come out of the woods:

Run away!

We kinda sorta love the idea of trolling Hillary with cute little emoji, and the good (warped) people of Twitter didn’t let us down:


Umm … we don’t wanna know.

We need to make the bigfoot emoji happen NOW. #BigfootEmojiLivesMatter

Awww, there’s the ‘poop emoji,’ we wondered when that one would make an appearance.

Is that an alien emoji? Hrm. We KNEW it.

Where’s the bear emoji man?


So Hillary IS a clown monkey?! Should’a known.

Emoji for the win!


LOL! Meme of Hillary coming ‘out of the woods’ MIGHT scare your kids but it WILL make YOU laugh

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