As Twitchy reported, Ashley Judd seems to think there are certain areas or events that should be free from politics. Mainly because she doesn’t want to deal with anyone who thinks differently than she does …

When confronted (by an egg with one follower) about it on Twitter, Judd had this to say:

Ok, so we’re not entirely sure what she’s trying to write here. Seriously, it’s like she’s running while writing her tweets BUT to us it sounds like she is saying there are more people who agree with her and so she should get to decide what is and isn’t a political safe space.


Here’s the egg she responded to:

Remember the second rule of Twitter is you DON’T engage eggs. Especially if the egg has one follower. #TwitterRules

Democrats love to make out like the popular vote wasn’t just in New York and California; that somehow the evil Electoral College silenced Americans across the country. In actuality the Electoral College worked better than ever.

That ^

Seriously, right? She is a decent actress but man, writing tweets doesn’t seem to be her strong point.

Clinging desperately to the idea that people believe as she does.

So much this. Once Judd picked up the microphone and involved herself politically she became fair game.

Sorry Ashley, you can’t have it both ways.


WANTED: Someone fluent in crazy to translate this Ashley Judd tweet (it’s a TRAIN WRECK)

WOW, did Ashley Judd freak out AGAIN!? Oh wait, it’s just Sarah Silverman raging, never mind