The latest hate crime in America is stomping on the gay pride flag.

Who knew?

Not the flag! He stomped on it and said it’s disgusting AND immoral?!

And oh look, he’s using it as an excuse to pass legislation to keep people from being big meanies.


Dude. He stomped. ON A FLAG. Seriously.

Talk about a hate crime times a zillion and stuff.

Democrats seem to think the best way to stop people from being mean is to legislate it, that somehow making it illegal for the man to stomp on the gay pride flag would have stopped him. And it might have, but it wouldn’t solve the issue behind why he wanted to stomp the flag in the first place.

Telling people they shouldn’t feel or believe what they do doesn’t work.

You almost have to wonder if Lowenthal would have been this upset if the man had been stomping on the American flag.

Guessing not.

But ya’ know, we gotta keep an eye on these here hate crimes in America.