Don’t worry Democrats, super sleuth Wendy Davis is on the case and she knows why Hillary lost.

It wasn’t that Hilary ignored Wisconsin or Pennsylvania … it wasn’t even because she was a lying, corrupt hyena. No no, she lost because MISOGYNY.

We knew it!

Freakin’ vagina!

Huh, and here we thought maybe it was her awful campaign … silly us.

BOOM, that’s it.

Clearly Wisconsin is super sexist because it gets cold there.

Yup. Of course if you thought Wendy Davis actually had an original idea about anything we have some beachfront property available in Nebraska that you would find lovely.

Not at all, sadly.

Yup. Forget that Hillary was caught lying, was surrounded by corruption and was dragging around all sorts of baggage (aka Bill Clinton), it was her VAGINA that cost her the election.

Hey, the more you know.


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