EVERYBODY RUN! The GOP is trying to kill old people and puppies … THE SKY IS FALLING.

Tom. Silly Tom. People don’t need drama, they don’t want hysterical tweeting about people dying … they want results. Which is why they rejected Hillary and the Democrats in the first place.

When will you figure this out?

Seriously, even your own side is getting sick and tired of the nonsense.

Sorry Randy, the Democrats don’t know how to be positive. All they know how to do is get mad and throw temper tantrums while pretending they’re fighting for the poor. Meanwhile they exempt themselves from the health care bill THEY passed because they know it’s crap.

How dare you ask for results? Maybe the GOP doesn’t suck but the way the Democrats portray them does.

Just sayin’.

Ok Democrats, sounds like your own side is saying it’s time to either put up or shut up.

We prefer shut up, but hey, your call.