Sure social justice warriors, keep on pushing that whole white privilege thing … it worked out so well for you during the 2016 election.

Like the tweet says, this is a real image seriously being shared by people in social media:

Although it’s safe to say the people who share this nonsense shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Especially #10 … that one’s awful.

Such a fair point.

Pretty brutal.

The whole list is hilariously awful; of course what makes it hilarious is that some people actually think like this.

And made you laugh hysterically … admit it.

The issue here is trying to make any sense out of this crazy. Just read, nod and laugh.

It clearly played a large part; people were just sick and tired of constantly being shamed for being who they are. And the fact that there are still people pushing this silly narrative tells you the Left has learned NOTHING.

Hey, Trump says thanks for the second term.


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