Silly troll, don’t start none won’t be none.

It all started with Dana making a fair statement over the amount of outrage around Steve King, especially from Democrats who gave Elizabeth Warren a pass for lying about her heritage.

Of course we all know there are no rules for Democrats and if they somehow find a rule they break it or change it as they see fit.

On that note it seems this gal missed the rule that warns against trolling Dana Loesch.




Oh no, she didn’t.

And yes, we had to include a screencap and not the original tweet because Leanne here locked down after she engaged Dana.

Double standards are the bread and butter of the Left.

This post was not about excusing King’s comments, it was about the hypocrisy on the Left and their inability to call out their own bad behavior. Plenty of Republicans have spoken out against King and his comments, where are all of the Democrats calling Warren out for her actions?


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