Perhaps Tariq shouldn’t take himself so seriously?

It would most likely make his social media existence more enjoyable in general, right?

Looks like The Daily Wire wrote a satirical piece about Tariq Nasheed apologizing for calling Ben Carson a “c**n” for his comments about slaves being immigrants.

Key word being SATIRICAL … Tariq missed that part and got a little fussy.

The Daily Wire … suspected white supremacists website?


Wait, and he’s MAD that someone would write about him being a decent human being and apologizing for calling Ben Carson horrible names?

You’d think he was being satirical in this tweet but oh no.

Well whad’ya know, it says RIGHT THERE that this was not true or real in any way.

If only people read more and complained LESS? But then again, what would we write about? Cat memes and recipes?


Or he didn’t actually read it and just reacted to the headline.

Maybe a little of both.

Personally we think 140 characters is tougher because you have to say something meaningful and in shorter terms.

Wait, meaningful.

Never mind.

He still didn’t get the joke. *sigh*

Wonder if Tariq will read this and get all shouty at us? We can only hope. Ha!