Awww yes, today is the day the universe SUCKS an hour of your life away to ‘SAVE’ it – for what we’re not entirely sure but man oh man, this stinks.

Yes, this poor, sad editor had to hop out of bed before 8 a.m. eastern which really felt like 7:00 a.m. because science or something.

Luckily Twitter felt a lot like this editor did and created the hilariously exhausted tag, #DaylightSavings:

But we’re saving this hour of time for something super special.

Right? RIGHT?!

Originally this was done to make sure farmers had some extra daylight … ya’ know, before electricity?



C’mon, we couldn’t do a Twitter tag piece and NOT include The Iron Sheik.

We all look like tired waffles.

Somehow this works.

*shakes fist*

Yes, right here.

Zzzzzz …

PS: You’re ugly and nobody likes you.

Us too!

And then there’s evil Arizona:

FINE! Rub it in!

Hey, look at it this way … we get more daylight in the evening, right?

Meh, that doesn’t work on the first Sunday morning of spring ahead.

Let’s just blame the Russians.