Another day, another troll bites the dust on Ben Shapiro’s timeline.

This seems to be from a facebook post because as of yet Twitter has not allowed more than 140 characters. Although let’s be honest, when they finally DO allow for it, crazy women like Lexii (with TWO i’s) here will be among the first to receive extra characters.

Then again, it doesn’t seem that Shapiro needs all that many characters to make his point.


Maybe she’s watching too much Walking Dead?

Seriously, days of what? And why day 3?

Ya’ know, that’s a really good question … and we have no answer.

Funny ain’t it? Seeing someone who’s acting like an a*shole lecturing others not to raise their kids to be a*ssholes?


‘SPARE ME’! Ben Shapiro WALLOPS Obama and his ‘how dare you impugn my honor’ routine