Walt Disney called. He said to KNOCK IT OFF.

Amanda Niday is a 27-year-old freelance artist out of Portland, Oregon.

Via Buzzfeed:

Niday has created a series of cartoons where she reimagined Disney’s leading ladies as women’s rights activists, using quotes from the actual films they appear in. The series, called Protest Princess, was inspired by the Women’s March that was held earlier this year. “Women [were] coming together from all backgrounds to say ‘we are HERE and we MATTER’,” Niday said. “I wanted to hold on to that message when it’s often easier to feel like you can’t make a difference no matter what you do.”

Maybe she missed it, but these princesses were already pretty badass feminists in their own right without silly signs.


It would seem nothing is sacred to today’s third-wave feminists. We’re just glad none of these signs said anything about menstrual equity.

Wait, let’s not give them any ideas.