What’s that old saying? Don’t start none, won’t be none.

Thinking Peter Dauo missed that nugget …

It all started with an innocent tweet from Katie Pavlich about the weekend, ending:

Enter busybody and Hillary fan’girl’, Peter Dauo:

Oh NO he didn’t.

Oh YES, he did.

What a toad.

Oh but he’s a Leftist, he’s already judged.

Anyone else wonder if he tweets with his pinkies up in the air?

Odds are he has NO idea what this means.

Hello deflection. Meet Peter.

He can’t.

But he seems to think he should mansplain to Katie …

The horror.

We find it hilarious. Heh.

BAM! Sit down, Peter. The big girls are talking.

Waaaaaah. If you read this out loud we challenge you NOT to use a whiny voice when reading Peter’s tweets.

This is where you walk away, pal.

But oh no.

Oh, and speaking of obsession?



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