President Trump signed a revised version of his immigration executive order today, which of course means the Left lost their proverbial shiznet because apparently America is the only country that shouldn’t protect itself.

It’s mean or something.

Senator Kamala Harris couldn’t wait to add her two (or twenty) cents …

Huh? Limiting passage of persons from countries that do not adequately vet their own people will harm our economy and security? How does she figure? Derp.

Awww there it is. If America refuses to allow people from certain countries to enter without proper vetting then those people will run out and join ISIS. You know who else said this, Kamala? Hillary … and look how well that worked out for her.

Maybe she missed it but our nation has really suffered by not upholding our borders and protecting our sovereignty. She’s in California, you’d think she’d know better.

Heh, “PASS MY BILL.” *eye roll*

She’s been on the frontlines? In California? So dramatic …

It’s all they have left.


UPDATED: Trump reportedly signs revised executive order on temporary travel ban