BREAKING: Michael Moore is still wrong … about most things.

But especially about socialism.

Look at this ridiculous tweet where he’s mooning over the late, “great” Hugo Chavez.


What? Umm …

Yeah, maybe Michael should spend a few days down in Venezuela, see socialism firsthand.

It’s not.

But free health and education, dude.

Michael could probably go a few months with no food … C’MON, we hardly ever pick on his weight because it’s a cheap shot but this was BEGGING for it.

*sits in corner*

Chavez gave away so much free education that he umm … well, wait, he was rich because … nope, got nothin’.

We knew he’d continue to disappoint us. FIFY.

So much free stuff!

Yes, yes he is insane.

If he had to focus on his own existence he’d have less time to sit on Twitter and make stupid statements about Hugo Chavez, and then what would we write about?


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