We get it, Evan.

You don’t like Trump.

And there are plenty of people (both Democrats and Republicans) who also don’t like him … but this level of Trump mania seems a bit Elizabeth-Warren-like. Seriously.

If you want to stay relevant maybe move on to something other than complaining about Trump 24/7. Even some of your supporters are getting tired of this:

Sessions answered the question he was asked. #Derp.

Seeing more and more of this online and in communities; people needed another option that wasn’t Trump or Hillary and it was very brave of McMullin to run. But this behavior since the election … not great.

Because it’s CNN and they wanted to interview a “conservative” who wants Sessions to resign.

At this rate his relevance will fade, he needs to do more than just complain about the Trump administration. We have the media and a bunch of whiny Democrats who do that already.

Maybe he can juggle?

HAAAAAAAAAA. Careful, Jill Stein might raise money so she can pretend to investigate Sessions.


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