Remember when the Democrats claimed Obama’s administration was scandal-free? LOL

And now they’re pretending he didn’t target his political enemies in the past …


Their selective memory is adorable, and by adorable we mean annoying and pathetic.

But tell us more about Sessions and how he dared to answer the question HE WAS ASKED. Anyone else think the Democrats need to stop projecting their nonsense on the right? He who smelt it dealt it?

Funny how they didn’t seem to take issue with the AG meeting with Bubba knowing his wife was being investigated as she ran for president. Sure, they talked about their grandkids …

It’s not FAIR if we point out the skeletons in their progressive closet.

Our bad.


Now that they aren’t focused on running to protect Hillary 24/7 then can get back to protecting their King.

Some things never change.


‘SPARE ME’! Ben Shapiro WALLOPS Obama and his ‘how dare you impugn my honor’ routine