Y’all won’t believe this … but apparently not only do senators meet with ambassadors but PRESIDENTS DO AS WELL.


Someone better get with Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi here soon and start an investigation because yeah, Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak visited Obama’s White House 22 times.

Not just once or twice … not even just ten times.


What do you think they were talking about? Their golf game?

And of course this is even more disconcerting when you think about Obama leaning over a hot mic and telling Putin he’d have more flexibility after the election.

It turns out our elected officials work a lot with ambassadors from all countries, including Russia. The Left knows this but they also know their base will believe ANYTHING so they’re pushing this evil Russia/election nonsense in the hope that … ya’ know, we don’t know what they think will happen. Even if Trump was miraculously impeached, we’d still have President Pence.