As Twitchy reported earlier this week, the Oscars ratings were at their lowest since 2009. Was it a lack of interest in the movies nominated this year or simply an American audience that has grown tired of being lectured on politics by a bunch of rich Hollywood elites from behind their gated communities?

Either way, they were down nearly two million viewers from even just last year.

In other news, their ‘opposition’ aka Trump, had his first speech as president of this country and his numbers are in …

Nearly 11 million more people tuned in to listen to Trump than they did to Meryl Streep.

We can only hope.

Of course the Oscars could point out that Trump was on multiple channels but even if Americans could have watched the Oscars on multiple channels, would they have? And honestly, if only one channel had rights to the president’s speech who’s to say his numbers wouldn’t have been even higher?

*sad trombone Oscars*