Chief Shaky Fist, aka Elizabeth Warren, is performing some impressive gymnastics to make a point about Sessions on Twitter.

Who knew she was this flexible? Eeeek, sorry for the visual.

Some jumping? Try CATAPULTING here. She has seriously gone off the reservation …

Yup. The question was specific to the election, not if Sessions had any contact. Likely he didn’t even think of it in that regard as it was simply his job as a senator on the Armed Services Committee.

Notice how Warren wasn’t overly concerned about AG Lynch hanging out with Bubba on a private plane right before the election. RUSSIA!


All jump and nonsense … in fact that could be a campaign slogan for Warren and many of her Democratic cohorts.

Knows her followers are dumb – FIFY.

She really does seen to think this is a gotcha moment, even though she steps in it with her own tweets. The question was in regard to the election, even Warren herself says so.

Maybe she should start paying more attention to her own state? Just a thought.