Keith Olbermann clearly has issues with certain types of women.

Namely those who disagree with him.

So of course he had to jump into the ridiculous Lefty dogpile and attack Kellyanne Conway for sitting with her feet on the couch in the Oval Office.

Yeah, we can’t make this crap up:

IMAGINE if Keith talked this way to Hillary Clinton? Michelle Obama? Valerie Jarrett? The Left would lose their proverbial shiznit, but since it’s just Kellyanne …

Bingo. As long as Keith is targeting conservative women the Left has no problem with his behavior, which tells you everything you need to know about their agenda. They’re pro-woman UNLESS that woman disagrees politically, then ATTACK AND DESTROY.

It is. If Trump told a woman how to sit the media would lose it, but Keith not only tells her how to sit but he SWEARS at her.

Media silent.

And speaking of a silent media …

As Twitchy reported with Katie Pavlich, they never freaked out over Obama treating the Oval Office like a bus station.

Editor’s note: The woman who wrote this article has been blocked by Keith Olbermann … yeah, he’s super tough.