If only these two were available to review the ballots cast in November …


Elder was able to slam Hillary AND the Oscars with one tweet – well played! And really, after the amount of smug from both Hillary and Hollywood over the past few months, this slam was earned.

Well thank goodness ol’ Chuck is making himself useful.

Russia Russia Russia! It’s always Russia! And freakin’ Putin. *shakes fist*

Jill believes there needs to be a recount for Best Picture. Ha!

You know what’s sad is that there are some idiots out there who would donate more money to her thinking this was real.

Right? La La Land better accept the results …

Actually let’s all just pretend La La Land won the popular vote, that should make everyone happy.

Maybe spend more time on show prep and less time on sanctimonious, smug speeches about Donald Trump?

Just spitballin’ here.