Thank goodness for REAL men.

In a time where straight, white men are truly the only ‘group’ of people that can be attacked just for being who they are, a lot of these men are fighting back by keeping their sense of humor.

For example, Women’s March (yeah, the vagina hat peeps) asked MEN how they will support their silly #DayWithoutAWoman event:

And LUCKILY a bunch of men responded … hilariously.

God love ’em.

It’s always in the eyes … ALWAYS. Or in this case his creepy half-stache.


WHOOOO! Yeah baby!


Atta boy.


Seems they’re not exactly paying attention to the actual consequences women may face for not showing up for work.


Take THAT third-wave feminism.

*Dude, don’t do that.*

Looks like a celebration.

Snarky tweets are the work of the patriarchy and should be destroyed.

Egg salad? How about a BLT with the crusts cut off?

Us too.


Editor’s note: A woman wrote this AND said woman would be happy to make sandwiches every day of the week. You’re welcome.