Whether you like Trump or not, you have to admit he pretty much has this ‘trolling’ thing MASTERED. Not saying this is necessarily a good or a bad thing, just that Trump knows how to get a rise out of people, especially on Twitter.

For example, yesterday after the DNC elected Tom Perez over Keith Ellison, Trump tweeted out his ‘congrats’:


Pretty standard Trump tweeting: snarky, sideways and taking a jab at someone. And as usual, the jab worked because Perez tried to troll back with fairly standard and boring Democratic blather:

Wha? His worse nightmare? In what way? Vagina hats and glitter glue are only so intimidating for so long, Tom.

And as can be expected, some Democrats were all excited about his response to Trump (imagine a tiny little blue fists shaking at once) BUT it would appear a lot of Democrats weren’t exactly thrilled with the DNC’s pick:

Seems Rain is not pleased.



And no matter how hard some Democrats tried to pretend this was a good thing …

Someone else was a giant party pooper.


Oh, one Democrat tried to get the party started:

Didn’t work out so hot for him.

Never try to out-troll Trump.


‘The look on his FACE!’ Photo Keith Ellison posted congratulating Tom Perez is VERY telling

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