Caitlyn Jenner posted a video in response to the Trump administration rescinding the silly bathroom order.

In the video, Jenner makes a dig at Sessions and even at Trump and then says, “From one Republican to another,” which might be legit IF she wasn’t pushing for government’s intrusion into public bathrooms.

That being said, Caitlyn clearly disagreed as a transgendered woman and posted this video in response:

Feds shouldn’t make laws around where people go to the bathroom … this is not difficult.

That being said, the very community she is speaking out to protect attacked her for being a Trump supporter and a Republican even though she was advocating for something they support.

And the Left still can’t figure out why they keep losing:

Like she’s a traitor or something? *smh*

Apparently not.

The epitome of class right here.

If you watch the video, Jenner isn’t asking anyone to feel sorry for her, she is just sharing her concerns.

Horrible person? Really? What did she do that was so horrible?

Aaaaaaand this is why Trump won.

Editor’s note: There were far nastier and more horrible things said to Jenner, but we weren’t comfortable posting them. 

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