Chris Cuomo had a bumpy day on Twitter on Thursday, all from his own actions. First he wrote then deleted a ridiculous tweet about states’ rights and then he went on to tweet quite possibly the ugliest tweet on Twitter (which says a lot), and all because the Trump administration rescinded an order on public bathrooms.

Which should never have been ordered in the first place because the Feds have no business legislating things at this level.

After a good deal of outrage against Cuomo himself and CNN, he has yet to apologize for his tweet and instead chose to double down with attacks on Trump today:

Ooh, edgy Chris. Showing a tweet from Trump where he said he’d fight for LGBT community somehow proves what?


*sad trombone*

Which is all the Trump administration did.

Leave it to the STATES.

He really does need to answer for that tweet.

And then he tried to use Morning Joe? LOL.

Just put the Twitter down, Chris.