So apparently if you’re someone who doesn’t want a man in the ladies room that makes you a bully now.

Or at least that’s the nonsense the Left is pushing today, that not wanting public bathrooms put at risk for sexual predators somehow makes you a bad person. And settle down Lefties who are reading this by accident, we’re not saying transgendered people are sexual predators, we’re saying this law makes it very easy for a predator to enter a public bathroom.

And since they have this new mission to legislate bathrooms they HAD to come up with a new hashtag for Twitter … which of course the Conservatives totally took over.

Here are some of the best:

Hashtag power!


Not a bad plug … we support capitalism so yeah, we included it.

She included the video …

Kick ass, right?

Evil man, voting and stuff. Who do you think you are?!

Oooh and there’s an excellent point. When you play identity politics you start losing who people are, you start losing the individual which truly is the largest minority.

Hey, that works.

Shiznit is gettin’ real now.


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