You’d think by NOW the media would have figured out they actually need to investigate something before reporting on it, especially with all of the emphasis on fake news over the last few months. But oh no, the idea of a bunch of evil Republicans waving Russian flags at CPAC was just so delicious for these biased worms they had to report on it QUICKLY …

Wow, sounds bad. But …

Yes. Yes he does, which is why it’s so hilarious.

Actually he implied a conclusion and didn’t report a fact at all. Instead, he reported a fact he wanted to be true that really wasn’t quite what he thought it was.


Oh, and actually the flags were handed out by a liberal troll named Ryan Clayton of the “Americans Take Action” group as a PRANK.


In more ways than one.

Yeah, they left that little nugget out as well. That Clayton was removed from the event, just like Spencer and others.

No matter how badly the media wants the right to be the bad guys, it’s just not always the case. And in this case, the prankster really just pranked the media.

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