Michael Moore has to know this won’t end well …

So the NRA reacted to Moore’s so-called Resistance with a Counter Resistance:

And of course Moore got his britches all wadded up over it and took to Twitter to spout the importance of HIS resistance.

Seriously, dude, they even have their own calendar and lots of glitter glue!

Mine is bigger.

No MINE is.

Yeah, not sure I’d push a resistance based on vagina hats against a counter resistance of NRA members.

Just sayin’.

A bizarre planet where people really think wearing vaginas on their heads is some great statement.


And there it is, again. First Moore was a Bernie supporter, and then he jumped that ship and became an odd sort of Hillary fanatic which never really played well with the more devoted Bernie folks.

Plus the Trumpland documentary really was just … odd.

Sorta like his resistance.