As Twitchy reported, Ivanka Trump spoke out about religious tolerance on Twitter and was attacked with a gross amount of intolerance … because what else should we expect from the Left at this point. Here is her tweet which offended them so greatly:

Gosh how dare she call for us to protect our houses of worship, she’s such a monster.

Oh, and speaking of monster …

Yeah, there’s a reason Bradley Whitford always plays a jerk – it just seems to come so naturally to him, right?

More tolerance. And these people wonder why they keep losing; luckily Conservative Twitter was having none of it.

They’re in a wad, or he’s wearing them on his head … we’re not entirely sure.


Really, anyone who walks around with a pink vagina hat on their head probably does have issues … just sayin’.

He’s clueless because there is nothing about her tweet that anyone should disagree with. It’s just another opportunity for a Leftist douchebag to attack Trump via his daughter.

He’d have to be classy to stay classy.