Well then.

You’d think the Washington Post would be working to look LESS biased and batsh*t but oh no, apparently it’s hip to double down on stupid these days.

Per Politico:

The Post says Podesta’s columns “will provide commentary and analysis on the intersection of politics and policy, the Trump administration and the future of the Democratic Party.”

“No one knows more about how Washington works, how the White House operates, and how policy ideas are translated into reality than John Podesta,” said Editorial Page Editor Fred Hiatt in a statement. “His long experience in Congress, inside two Democratic White Houses and on the front lines of numerous presidential campaigns, will offer readers vital insight into Washington and politics at the start of a new era.”

Allllllrighty then.

Right? Yeah, we were worried they were starting to lean right …

Clearly they felt the need to add an even louder, more corrupt voice. WTG.

If WAPO has a brain they won’t give Podesta an email account … wait, never mind.


For example, never click on a link in an email that says “Hey dummy, click here.”