Seems the Women’s March thinks that women shouldn’t have to pay for feminine hygiene products, because NOTHING says equality and empowerment like the government buying women tampons.

Oh the stupid …

This is why women in the Middle East hate us. Just sayin’. They’re getting stoned for being raped but feminists in America won’t stop fighting until tampons are provided by the government.

They’ve ALWAYS been a parody account.


PLEASE. For supposedly being so against the objectification of women, feminists in this movement sure do seem to objectify vaginas.

It means the Women’s March thinks women are too weak and stupid to pay for their own hygiene needs.


Hey, what’s that supposed to mean? *shakes fist*


Maybe? But personal responsibility is oppressive and stuff.

They are clueless about how dumb they sound and just keep doubling down on it.

Period indeed.