One of the biggest gripes about the Women’s March (besides all of the cat hair) is that they do very little for women who are actually oppressed in this world. Sure, it’s all fun and games when they can put on their pink vagina hats and dance around with Madonna, but if they actually have to DO something meaningful they don’t seem interested.

James Woods had a great idea for the location of their next march … he’s a giver:

Yeah, don’t forget those cute pink hats.

If there was a GoFundMe set up for these ladies (and guys, at least we think they’re guys) to march in Sweden you can bet they’d raise enough to fly over.

Heck, they’d have plenty of sponsors.

Oh that’s right, considering one of their leaders is Linda Sarsour who champions Sharia Law and thinks it’s ok to have your freedoms zapped as long as the government pays for you to have babies.

Likely she wouldn’t have much interest in protesting her own.


Of course they won’t. They’re far too busy demanding the government pay for tampons and whining about a mythical wage gap that doesn’t exist.