In a time where many Americans have grown weary of the antics and lectures from Hollywood, what James Woods did last night at The Writers Guild of America, West was perfect. As Twitchy readers know, Woods interrupted Patton Oswalt during his opening monologue and it was pure comedy brilliance, both actors showing their improv cred.

Woods later tweeted this out:

There really was a sense of coming together after this back and forth, at least in Woods’ mind.

It’s hard to tell what Patton Oswalt thought:

More improv? Or maybe not comfy making friends with ‘the enemy’?


Heh. Because ya’ know, that’s what friends do.

And bingo. This country is so angry and so divided 24/7, we REALLY needed an opportunity to laugh, and what better way than watching two actors known for their political differences working together so well?

Maybe there’s hope for Hollywood yet.


James Woods crashed Patton Oswalt’s opening monologue at the @WGAWest awards show and it was HILARIOUS