For reals USA Today? This is not only newsworthy in your opinion but it’s breaking news?

Stop it.

Ok, so? How is this news?

Did USA Today cover the sex of Obama’s aides? Clinton’s?

Seriously MSM, you just keep giving Trump more and more ammo to use against you.

Breaking news … PLEASE.

Nope. Republicans in general don’t play that game, they focus on the individual. And let’s be honest, if Trump hired a bunch of women he’d be accused of being a predator or some other nonsense.

No matter what Trump does he loses with the media.

Oh yeah, and that. The one person Trump has appointed that the tolerant Left has attacked the most is a WOMAN, why would any woman want to put herself through that?

Wait, you mean don’t base your hiring decisions on someone’s sex or color?! How absurd!

Journalism. *cough cough fake news cough cough*