Oh look, another Democrat played the ‘evil rich people’ card, this time with Obamacare. It’s cute how they like to create narratives that don’t actually exist, as if the GOP is full of these evil rich people looking to take health care away from the poor.

Seriously, who thinks like that?

Wait, they do. Never mind.

Says the rich guy in a suit surrounded by other rich guys in suits.

Why would he even try that nonsense, especially when Obamacare isn’t really care in the first place? That and the law actually did make health care less accessible for millions of Americans.

Bam. And it has now for years.

Millions of Americans lost their plans and had no choice but to accept more expensive coverage that provided less care due to high deductibles and out-of-pocket costs.

So glad you asked …

D’oh! Ask and you shall receive.

Oh yeah, that piece as well. Punishing Americans with a tax because they can’t afford a product the government wants to force them to buy.

But sure, let’s complain about the rich guys in suits trying to fix the mess those other rich guys in suits created.