They say children are often times a reflection of their parents. Sure, each of us has our own identity but we learn a lot of our ideas from our folks … Chelsea Clinton clearly learned a thing or two from her mom:

It’s like she really doesn’t understand that our spending is CRAZY and that if we don’t do something sooner than later future generations (her kids and grandkids) will have a YUGE mess to clean up.

But yeah, she “misses” that whole concept.

Chelsea wants us to fund the arts and public television … meanwhile vets get put on waiting lists with the VA.


She hires out for that, duh.

What Democrats like Chelsea don’t understand is that the government’s job never has been to educate, entertain, train or even employ Americans. The original intent of the Feds was to protect our people and our borders.

And of course, if Chelsea (who we all know is very wealthy) wants to fund NPR, PBS … any of these programs, she can just write a check. Funding such things shouldn’t be forced on the American people, it should be a choice.

All Chelsea knows is government.

You’d think her private education would have taught her better.

Oh but that’s boring, it’s way more fun to get on Twitter and tweet nonsense so other Democrats can cry about how mean President Trump is for cutting money to Big Bird.

Democrats. *smh*