It would appear Rob Reiner, having seemingly exhausted his Liberal resources, has decided to ask GOP patriots to fight back against Trump.

Maybe he missed it but there was a huge divide in the right over Trump; and silly Meathead it’s really not the GOP’s responsibility to babysit the Left because you all put up a horrible candidate.

Not to mention Democrats spent the last EIGHT YEARS proverbially crapping all over the right and now you want our help?


You built this, and like Obama said, elections have consequences.

Uncle Meathead.

Thank God indeed.

Bingo. And what’s even more pathetic is Reiner and others like him are SO out of touch they don’t understand their behavior is helping Trump.

Awww but when THEY do it, it’s for our own good … or something.


NYT piece asks, ‘Are Liberals Helping Trump?’ Conservative Twitter answers with a resounding ‘DUH’