Kurt Eichenwald has finally figured out how Trump won the election, and it only took him three months.

Way to go, Kurt!


Voters were THRILLED to see someone calling the media out for their BS from the last eight years. Twitchy has been reporting on the ignorance of these folks for years now, trust us we know, they’re not bright.

And they all but created and empowered Trump.

Way to go!

Print hated Hillary? On what planet? Print spent so much time hating on Trump there was no time left over to hate on Hillary. Of course what they didn’t understand was all of that printed hate was free publicity, and now it’s biting them in the arse.

Poor Hillary and her emails.


Trump could go to the bathroom the wrong way and the media would find a way to bitch about him.

HA! It’s time for reporters to get tough … oh please.

Note: No flashy animated gifs were harmed in the writing of this Eichenwald article.


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