Every day there are more and more headlines that have us wondering if this is real life … like this doozy about a naked dude on drugs who broke into NBC’s D.C. newsroom and bit an employee.

Real. Life.

Forget that the story itself is sorta hilarious (unless you’re the employee the naked dude bit), but Twitter being Twitter they had to take it a step further and make it even more hilarious by guessing the identity of the naked man.

These are some of the best:

Ok, so Flynn’s son did reinstate his Twitter account earlier today to tweet something out about his dad which he may or may not have deleted (depending on what platform you’re on) but we don’t think he’s this nutty.


Another day, another naked reporter, is that what you’re saying?


Freakin’ Anderson … someone make sure he knows the rules from now on, please.


BINGO. That’s who it was … lol. Poor Keith, he’s finally been driven completely insane by Donald Trump.

Let’s hope for the employee’s sake, the dude has had his shots.