Oh Nancy Pelosi, you never fail to entertain us … LOL.

Seems she got confused by a parody account on Twitter and instead of doing her due diligence (that even us silly ol’ Twitchy editors do before writing something) she went on C-SPAN and blathered on about goats.



Watch the video keeping in mind that she is talking about a fake Twitter account, and that Flynn himself tweeted no such thing.

Gosh Nancy, thanks for explaining what a scapegoat is, especially using those nifty hand gestures. Otherwise we might never know what that meant.

If you’re curious, this is the actual tweet she is referring to (notice, no blue check mark which is USUALLY a dead giveaway for a parody at this level):

You know she saw this, got super excited that Flynn was sort of admitting something bigger than just himself and could hardly wait to flap her gums about it.


Clearly Bush is just scapegoating Trump who is scapegoating Flynn.