Only crazy people would push a “holiday” where women sit around and rhyme things with the word uterus.

Welcome to Galentine’s Day.

And we get it, they’re pushing this whole notion of women celebrating their ‘lady friends’ the day BEFORE Valentine’s Day but every time they do something like this, somehow it turns into a “let’s trash dudes because girl power” thing.

For example:

We’re not sure if we should be applauding the amount of effort it took to rhyme a word with uterus or just rolling our eyes at this.

Uteruses before duderuses.


Ovaries before brovaries.

Hrm again.

Tacos and vatos don’t exactly rhyme but … no.

Because we don’t hear nearly enough about powerful women these days …

There is nothing wrong with celebrating female friendships and there nothing wrong about celebrating females in general BUT when you take such a day or such an event to trash men it sort of makes the whole thing ugly.

Sorta like the hairy-legged cat hoaders on the tag …