The Left seems to think they own certain groups of people, like women, minorities and LGBT of course. It all stems from their belief in identity politics really, which is the bread and butter of their agenda. How can they best pander to THIS group or THAT group, always ignoring the individual.

Take this New York Times opinion piece for example:

Somehow we think that percentage is even higher, but the NYT is so freaked out over one in five LGBT being Republican they wrote an opinion piece on it. Almost like they think they should be ashamed of not being Democrats?

How dare they wander off the Democrat’s LGBT plantation, right?

Independent though!? The nerve!

And yes, they are figuring out the Left says a lot but doesn’t DO a whole lot.

Something like that.



What are they thinking, right?

The smug, know-it-all attitude from the Left is killing their party … no one tell them.

Hive-mind, group think; it all gets super boring after awhile.

Because otherwise the Democrats would have to admit they really don’t have any other agenda than pandering to groups of people and treating them like commodities.

Luckily people are figuring it out for themselves more and more.