Watching Cosmo fangirl over a baby bump is sorta like watching a cat walk on its hind legs … it’s just not right.

And yeah, it’s a famous bump so that clearly means this is a BABY and not a fetus, right Cosmo?

Oh sad, silly Cosmo, you’ve been a proponent of abortion for years and years so you’ll have to forgive us for mocking your sudden adoration for this particular “baby bump”.

No no, it’s only a fetus when it’s not someone famous. Duh.

We remember! But again, those weren’t famous babies being born so they didn’t count or something.

And really Beyonce herself is just a clump of cells … we all are.

It’s science.

Hrm, good question. Guessing since it’s some magical baby in Beyonce’s womb the answer is YES.