Why do pro-aborts have to be so gross? Oh wait, they support and fight for abortion … never mind, we know why they’re gross.

And they were out in DROVES on Saturday on the tag #StandWithPP because it was a national day of protest to defund Planned Parenthood. As efforts gain momentum to defund their golden calf, they seem to get more and more agitated.

Like this Thor Benson guy:

Basically he just compared illegal aliens to sperm.


That being said, many pro-aborts were pushing the wall mantra, whining about paying for that and not paying for abortion, which is sorta backwards if you think about it but again, we’re dealing with people who fight to abort.

There was some sanity on the tag:

Oops. They always forget this tidbit when they screech about how Republicans don’t want people to use birth control? Silly and dated argument that falls super flat, especially when so many on the right have been fighting for years to make the birth control pill OTC.

Guess who always blocks that effort.

Awww, this is sad. It’s like people who support abortion don’t understand that if you have sex a baby can be the result so really her tweet is well, stupid.

Roughly 86% of their revenue is generated around abortion. We’d call that the majority of what they do, and a pap smear here and teaching someone how to do a self breast exam there doesn’t change the fact that they are an abortion clinic.

Nope. What the GOP is actually saying is they don’t want to pay for these things anymore. That’s it. Sure, many of us would like to limit abortion and stop it from being the go-to contraception for far too many, but at this point … baby steps.

Yes, pun intended.

You just don’t stand with the rights of girls in the womb. We get it.

You really do need to thank this man for his service. That being said, it doesn’t change the fact that wanting Planned Parenthood defunded has no impact whatsoever on his wife or daughters’ rights.

A little more sanity on that tag if you will:

Even one is indeed too many.